Self-Archiving and Digital Repositories

May I post a copy of my journal article or book chapter on the Internet?

Provided the requirements described here and elsewhere are met, the University of Pennsylvania Press permits its authors to mount copies of their work on their personal websites, on noncommercial discipline-specific servers of preprints or postprints, and within noncommercial digital repositories of nonprofit institutions with which they are currently affiliated. ("Noncommercial" in this context specifically excludes any sale of the work in whole or in part for money, even if the sale results in no profit by the seller or if the sale is made by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, NGO, or similar entity.)

We place no conditions on posting a manuscript intended for submission—but not yet submitted—to our publications, except to note that posting your work online may constitute prior publication and compromise our ability to publish it sucessfully at Penn Press. Please consult the appropriate journal editorial office or Penn Press acquiring editor if you have questions whether a particular use constitutes such prior publication.

Prepublication after acceptance. If you upload a working paper or preprint to a website, you must clearly state on the site that the posted version is an unedited draft, not for citation, of a work that has been accepted for publication, noting the title of the book or journal and when the work will be published.

Postpublication. Once your manuscript has been published, you must remove any prepublication versions posted on websites and, after the appropriate embargo period, replace it with a PDF image of the published version or a wordprocessing file reflecting the text exactly as published. (Please note that, unless stated elsewhere on this site or otherwise mandated by government agencies or national funding bodies, Penn Press books and journals require that an embargo period of 12 months be observed before you may post the published version of your work.) When posting published work you must also display the copyright notice exactly as it appears in the original publication, along with the following statement:

"All rights reserved. Except for brief quotations used for purposes of scholarly citation, none of this work may be reproduced in any form by any means without written permission from the publisher. For information address the University of Pennsylvania Press, 3905 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-4112."


If your work is unavailable online, you may scan your work from the printed publication and post a PDF copy online in accordance with the guidelines stated above. The Press does not supply PDFs, however, for this purpose.

May I republish my article or book chapter in another print publication?

You have the nonexclusive right to republish your journal article or, if you are a contributor to a multiauthor volume, book chapter in any work of which you are the sole author, provided only that you credit the original publication. The credit should include the copyright notice exactly as it appears in the original Penn Press publication. There is no fee for such use.

May I use my paper for teaching purposes in my classes?

You may duplicate your chapter or essay for teaching purposes in your classes, and make multiple copies for student use, either individually or as part of a printed course pack, provided the course packs will be used solely for classes you yourself teach. You do not need to seek permission for such use and no fee will be charged.